Add a Time Delay to an Automation

Learn how to add a delay between steps in your automation

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Time Delays are used within Automations to schedule your emails and other actions. For example, if you put a time delay set at 7 days between 2 email actions, the emails will send 7 days apart.

Adding a Time Delay

Time delays add a delay between actions in your automation. To add a Time Delay, drag it into your automation

From there set the time you'd like to delay the next action until.

Configuration options include:

  • Days

  • Hours

  • Weeks

Days are calculated as a full 24-hour period from when your subscriber reaches the Time Delay.

Time Delays and Conditional Splits

Time Delays placed immediately before conditional splits will fully pass before the conditions in your Conditional Split are evaluated.

We recommend you setup Time Delays and Conditional Splits in this configuration. If you place your Time Delay immediately after a Conditional Split, it's possible that the rules your split was configured to, no longer apply to the subscriber.

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