Add an Email to an Automation

Learn how to add an email to an automation

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The Email action in Automations is used to add a one-to-one email as a step within your automation.

Adding an Email

Emails in automations are one-to-one campaigns that subscribers will receive once they reach that step in the automation. You can drag an email action into your automation.

Once you drag your email into the flow. You can give it a name for your own records and a subject line. Then click Edit to design your email.

You'll be directed to our email composer where you can add content and create your campaign. Once you're done, click Enable and you'll be directed back to your automation in progress.

An email directly under a trigger will send immediately once subscribers match the trigger rule.

Scheduling an Email

Emails in Automations are scheduled through the use of Time Delays that are added before them in a flow. Emails placed in your automation without Time Delays between them and the previous action will send immediately. Therefore if you'd like too send an email immediately after subscribers match your trigger conditions, do not place a Time Delay between your trigger and email node.

In the example below. The first email will send after 3 days. The second email will send 4 days after the first email.

Email Statuses

Emails can be enabled and disabled with the on/off toggle or by enabling them within the composer.

When an email is off and an automation is on, the step will be skipped in the flow as if it wasn't added.

Emails that are on will trigger the single email composed to each subscriber as they reach that step in the automation.

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