Workflows Overview

Workflows are our new way to build multi-step automations triggered from specific subscriber actions like joining a list or segment, placing an order, or abandoning a cart. They're an easy way to send the right message to the right subscriber at a specific point in their customer journey. Sending personalized and relevant emails is proven to increase sales and your customers' perception of your brand, with workflows you can automate these emails without having to manually send newsletters every time.

Workflows will simply become "Automated Flows" and replace our legacy implementation of Welcome Emails, Automated Flows, and Abandoned Cart once they are fully deprecated in March 2021.

When you install SmartrMail you'll have a collection of pre-made flows based on best practices. Here are some workflows you can customize or create:

  • Welcome series - introduce new subscribers to your store and incentivize those that haven't purchased to make their first order
  • Post-purchase series - thank customers for making a purchase. Send them educational material, get them involved on social, and give repeat customers a special thanks.
  • Win-back series - get customers who've purchased before but haven't purchased over a long period of time to buy again
  • Abandoned cart series - recover lost sales and send customized emails based on whether or not they're a previous customer

The benefits of workflows compared to our current automations are:

  • Easily create multi-step flows triggered by certain subscriber actions (joining a list or segment, placing an order, abandoning a cart)
  • A visual builder where you can get an overview of your workflow and the customer journey
  • A drag&drop interface where you can quickly add multiple steps to each workflow
  • The ability to design emails and create segments directly within the workflow editor

For a visual overview, check out the video below.

Key Terms

  • Workflow - a multistep automation set in motion by a subscriber action
  • Email - an individual email within a workflow. Unlike newsletters that are sent in a batch to all your recipients, emails within workflow will send to recipients one at a time as they reach that step in the workflow
  • Trigger - An event that triggers the subscriber entering the workflow. This can be a subscriber joining a list or segment, placing an order, or abandoning a cart
  • Conditional Split - A conditional split action creates a two distinct paths in your workflow based on whether or not a subscriber is in a specific segment
  • Time Delay - Creates a delay between your previous action and the next one in your workflow. Time delays can be in hours, days or weeks

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