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I can't login to SmartrMail from BigCommerce
I can't login to SmartrMail from BigCommerce
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As SmartrMail is launched within an iframe in your BigCommerce control panel we require your browser to all third-party cookies to authorize your login.

Some browsers allow users to decide whether or not third-party cookies should be accepted. To configure your browser to allow third-party cookies, follow the instructions for your chosen browser.

Currently, due to a bug within Safari, we cannot authorize your login within BigCommerce's iframe. We recommend using Chrome or Mozilla.

Note: If you use the Brave Browser you will have to apply the settings as you would in Chrome and also turn off your Brave Shield.

Please ensure you save the changes and restart your browser before trying to login to BigCommerce and SmartrMail again.

If login issues still persist, contact our support team via our live chat or at [email protected]

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