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Creating Custom Fields
Creating Custom Fields

Learn how to create custom fields for your subscribers

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

If you're adding or importing data to your subscriber profiles you can add custom fields containing text, numbers, dates and birthdays. To create custom fields you can either add the field before importing it or when creating a form.

Below are step by step guides on how to do both.

Creating Custom Fields on List Import

Step 1: Create a New List or Enter an Existing List

To start, first, create a new list or enter the list where you'd like to import your subscribers. Lists with custom fields must be manually created and not imported from integrations like Shopify or Mailchimp.

Custom fields will become available on all your lists after creating them on a single list, so you only have to do this once.

Step 2: Upload a CSV of your subscribers list

Upload a CSV of your subscribers list with the names of your custom fields as the headers

Choose to create a new field based on your field type. This can be text, number, date or birthday.

That's it! Your field will be available for use in Smart Segments πŸŽ‰

Creating Custom Fields on Form Creation

Step 1: Navigate to the Customize Form page on any list

Step 2: Add Field

At the bottom of Signup Form Settings. Click the +Add Field Link.

Step 3: Choose the Field Type

Choose the type of field you want to create. You can create a text, number, date or birthday field.

Step 4: Β Add Field

Add a name to your field and click the Add Field button.

You did it! Your field will be available to add into your signup form and in any other signup forms πŸ™Œ


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