Follow this step by step guide to automate birthday emails for your subscribers

  1. Enter the Automations page from the header menu and click the Automated Flows tab

2. Click the New Automated Flow button

3. Name your campaign (this is for your records only)

4.  Click on the + Create New Segment link within the To field. This will take you to where you can set up the segmentation rules for your new segment.

5. You'll be redirected to a Create New Segment page, here give your new segment a name.

6. Choose which subscribers you want to segment by selecting All Subscribers or specific list(s) you'd like to be able to receive your birthday emails.

7. In the Show section choose the Property you want to segment by:

  • Birthday (dd/mm)
  • Birthday (mm/dd)

You'll need to be collecting birthday data through one of your embedded forms for this to be available

8. Next set the rule you want to filter by:

We'd recommend to set the filter as:

  • is today
  • is in days

9. Click the Save & Exit button. Your segment will populate and you will be brought back to the email composer with your new segment selected. You can then give your birthday email a subject line and some preview text.

Note: Most segments will update within a minute, but larger lists can take up to 5 mins to populate.

10. Compose your email with the composer

11. Click the Automate button and set the time trigger you'd like your email to go out at once subscribers join your segment(s)

12. Choose Recurring so the birthday campaign will send every time a customer joins your birthday segment, meaning they will get an email every year.

13. Click the Automate button

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