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What Features does SmartrMail have?
What Features does SmartrMail have?

Learn about SmartrMail's core features and how they can get you more sales

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

Quicker Email Newsletters

Our in-app product lookup feature lets you quickly insert products to your emails prefilled with their name, image, description and price taken straight from your Shopify store. No longer do you need to waste time uploading or copying and pasting details.

Smart Segmentation

Convert more people with the right email sent at the right time. Our deep Shopify integration allows you to easily segment your list to send the right message to the right customer. 

Advanced Abandoned Cart Emails

Recover lost sales by creating a series of up to three abandoned cart emails to send to cart abandoners. You can also include personalized “you might also like” recommendations in these emails to sell even more products.

Browse Abandonment Flows

Browse Abandonment automations trigger an email or a series of emails when a subscriber is identified on your site and ends their session without purchasing or adding to cart.

Automated Email Flows

Whether it’s welcome emails, win-back campaigns, or a post-purchase thank you message, put your email marketing on autopilot with SmartrMail and watch your sales come in.

Personalized Product Recommendation Engine

SmartrMail analyzes each of your customer’s browsing behavior, past purchases and email clicks to send the products they’re most likely to purchase. Once set up, these email will automatically send at your desired frequency, enabling you to make sales with minimal effort.

World Class Support

You don’t have to be an expert to succeed with email marketing. SmartrMail is like having an in-house email marketer on your team ready to support you whenever you need it. 

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