MailChimp Migration FAQs

A collection of FAQs for merchants considering switching to SmartrMail from MailChimp

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

How Does SmartrMail compare with Mailchimp?

SmartrMail has all of the e-commerce features that comes with Mailchimp, and more. Our deep Shopify integration lets you create powerful segments and have far greater control over automations like abandoned cart emails and personalized product recommendations than you previously had with MailChimp.

Our focus on e-commerce and dedication to the Shopify platform means that we have the tools to get you more sales.

How Do I Import My Subscribers Across from Mailchimp? 

You can import all your subscribers from Mailchimp automatically with our list import tool. This lets you import your subscribers complete with their names and other data.

You can also import by exporting them from your Mailchimp dashboard as a csv file. You can then upload this csv file into SmartrMail.

Can I Get Help with Migrating Across from Mailchimp? 

Yes! Sign up with the code SHOP20 and we’ll waive the $249 migration fee completely. That means we’ll migrate all of your Mailchimp setups including lists, templates and automations for you completely free. We'll also give you $20 credit back on your first month.

Though our users who have switched from Mailchimp find SmartrMail super intuitive to use, we’ll also do a 1-to-1 demo call with you to ensure you’re comfortable with the switch.

Will There be an Increase in Price Compared to Mailchimp?

We’ve priced our Standard Plan to match MailChimp’s pricing give or take a few dollars. If you’re simply looking to replace the functionality you had on MailChimp, then this is the perfect fit.

If you want to take the opportunity to step up your email marketing with some added features, we also offer an Unlimited Plan. However there is an increase in price to reflect the added functionality you’ll receive.

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