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My Email From Name Shows ""
My Email From Name Shows ""

Learn how email authentication works with SmartrMail

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

If you're using Outlook you might see that your emails send "on behalf of" or "via" in the sender details section of your email campaign. This appears due to the way email clients authenticate your emails and verify that your email comes from a legitimate sender.

Why "" Shows

When sending bulk email email clients look at two address: the From field ([email protected]) and the sender address ( The sender address isn't always visible but it is necessary to send bulk emails through an email service provider. Some email clients will display both addresses, but unfortunately this isn't something we can control. If you're sending a test email to yourself, your email client is more likely to display both addresses to prevent against spoofing.

How Authentication Affects Your From Name

Subscribers who use Outlook might see that your email is from:
Store Name (example=[email protected])

For Gmail your From name will appear as:

How to Remove "" Authentication Information

The only way to remove this extra information is to send from your own email domain and authenticate it with custom DKIM. For example you can set up your emails to send from If you're interested in doing this please contact us at [email protected]
While this works for most email clients, some email clients, like Outlook, may still display authentication information after your custom sending domain is set up. This is specific to each email client and isn't something we can prevent.
Please note that that we don't recommend doing this for every store.

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