Styling Text and Fonts

How to style and size your fonts in SmartrMail

Written by Peter Connolly
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SmartrMail makes it easy to set and forget your brand fonts so you can keep them consistent across all your emails. By making designing emails easy, you'll have more time to automate and personalize your email marketing.
This guide shows all the ways you can change and style your fonts in SmartrMail

Changing Fonts & Colors

Changing fonts can be done under the Design Tab.

Click on Styles then click on the three dots on the right-hand side to Edit the template. Next, head to the Body tab and then expand the Text Formatting options.

Here you can control the font used, the colour, and set a default text size for title and body fonts.

To edit your default button font settings, expand the Buttons options. Here you can edit the button font, font size, and text colour.

Finally, to change the font settings for the text in your footer, change to the Footer Tab and expand the Footer Text options.

Styling Text

Additional styling tools such as bolding, adding hyperlinks, increasing the text size of a specific phrase can be done directly by highlighting the text you'd like to edit (the editor will appear automatically).

The alignment options allow changing the text alignment for an entire text block within the editor section of your text block.

You can also use this tool to change on an ad-hoc basis the font family and font colour of your text when creating your email campaign.

The editor should appear on all major browsers. If you don't see it – we recommend using Safari or Chrome.

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