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Create a Segment of Subscribers in a UserGroup (Neto)
Create a Segment of Subscribers in a UserGroup (Neto)

What are UserGroups and how can you use them?

Written by Peter Connolly
Updated over a week ago

Note: This article is only relevant to Neto Users

User Groups (a.k.a. Customer Groups) are the Neto's method of separating customers into different categories by certain rules (i.e. customers who have spent at least $XX). You can watch their video about it here.

To apply the User Group in SmartrMail, the only thing you'll actually need is the name of the User Group (depicted in the red box):

Integration with SmartrMail

Step 1: Create a new Smart Segment

Navigate to the Smart Segments tab, located within the Profiles page,
and click on "Create new segment"

Step 2: Give it a name

From here, pick a suitable name for your smart segment - this is the name that will appear from your SmartrMail admin panel.

Step 3: Choose "User Group"

In this example, I've chosen to continue with the User Group, "Neto Retail Customers" (as used in the Neto demonstration above). 

Note: you will need to scroll down to see the "From User Group" option.

Step 4: Enter the name of your User Group

Write the name of your User Group in the side - what you write MUST match the name of the User Group you had in Neto or it will not work. For example, here, I wrote "Retail Customers" in the box to the right as that was what I named the User Group in Neto.

Click "Save & Exit" at the top right corner once you're finished and you're ready to go!

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