Adding Image+Caption Blocks

Using our collections blocks and adding custom HTML

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Emails manually designed with SmartrMail's drag & drop composer are made up of multiple 'blocks' to make email design for commerce easy. 

That doesn't mean that you can't choose to add your own flavor - besides changing your template (available from the design page), you can manually create collection or product blocks using the Collections block. 

Image+Caption Blocks

Image+Caption blocks are essentially an image with a block of text attached to it. Unlike using a separate text block to add a caption to an image, using an Image+Caption block enables the caption to appear to the side of the image when viewed on non-mobile devices.

The main reasons for using Image+Caption blocks are:

  • Uploading your own product images to ensure sizing is uniform.

  • Using a different image for a product to what you already have on your e-commerce store.

  • Adding a caption to an image that isn't of a product.

Below are the steps involved in adding an Image+Caption block.

Step 1: Adding the Block

Simply click on the "Image+Caption" button in the middle and an Image+Caption block will appear.

Step 2: Add an Image

Now that you've added the Image+Caption block, it's time to add an image to it. You can do this by clicking on the "Add image" button on the right. This will prompt you to select the image you want to use from your computer.

This button is highlighted for you below.

Step 3: Add a Caption

The last step is to add a caption to your image. The caption is made up of two parts: the title and the caption itself. 

To add this to your Image+Caption block, simply type what you want to say into the appropriate text fields highlighted below.

Step 4: Add a link (optional)

Send your subscribers to a specific page by adding a hyperlink in the "Link" field of your Image+Caption block

Note: If you do not want to include a title, you can simply delete the placeholder text in the text field and leave it blank.

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