Automated Flows are emails which automatically send after a user has triggered a certain condition. This example will step through the process of developing this system with one of the most essential flows you can set up.

Why have a Thank You Campaign?

  1. Thank You emails have a high conversion rate
  2. It's a chance to add a personal touch and differentiate yourself from the faceless corporate world (adding a personal tone, a photograph of your team, etc. - a good Thank You email is a way of showing your commitment to customer service).

Building it on SmartrMail

  1. Enter the Automations page from the header menu and click the Automated Flows tab.

2. Click on the New Automated Flow button.

3. Name your campaign

4.  Click on the '+ Create New Segment' link within the 'To' field. This will take you to where you can set up the segmentation rules for your new segment.

5. Give your new segment a name and use the "Has ordered in (# Days)" rule to segment your most recent customers

6. Click the Save & Exit button. Your segment will populate and you will be brought back to the email composer with your new segment selected.

7. Compose your email with the drag & drop composer

Your design is up to you but below is an example of what a very basic Thank You email might look like:

Some things you might want to include in your Thank You emails:

  • Actually say 'Thank You' in the subject title (the word 'thank’ performs well in subject lines).
  • Include social media sharing links
  • Include information about shipping / when the product will arrive

8. Click on the Automate button down in the bottom right hand corner:

9. Set the time trigger you'd like your email to go out at once subscribers join your segment(s)

Choose how you'd like the automated flow to operate - in my case, I selected "Once off" since I don't want to be sending the Thank you Email repeatedly to the same customer.

10. Click the Automate button one last time.

And then we're done, nice work! Now you can relax as your customers feel a warm welcome without any more work from you.

If you're looking for some more tips and inspiration, check out our list of thank you email examples.

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