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Integrating WisePops with SmartrMail
Integrating WisePops with SmartrMail

Learn how to integrate your WisePops popup with a list on SmartrMail

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Follow this step-by-step guide to integrate your WisePops popup with a list on SmartrMail.

Step 1: Enter the list you want to add your WisePops subscribers to in SmartrMail

You can find the list on the Customers page

Step 2: Click the Integrate button next to the WisePops logo at the bottom of your list page

Step 3: Enter your WisePops API key and Popup ID

To get your WisePops API key, navigate to your WisePops dashboard then to the Email API page on the top right drop-down menu.

Your WisePops Popup ID is the number found at the end of your the URL on your chosen popup's update page

Click the Integrate button and you're done!

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Q: Can WisePops be integrated with an existing SmartrMail list?
​A: Yes it can, once integrated you can still add subscribers from other sources as well

Q: Can WisePops be integrated on Neto?
​A: Yes it can, you'll need to place their script in your footer just before the </body> tag.

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